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Any criminal charge can be damaging for your future; indeed, even if you are not convicted, the mere mark on your arrest record can have a detrimental effect on your future opportunities. Of course, a conviction is much worse, and may result in jail time, large fines, court-ordered rehab or service, and limited opportunities, including trouble finding a job or securing housing. If you are convicted of a violent crime, such as assault, the consequences are that much more severe.

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What Constitutes Assault in Tennessee?

Assault is defined in Tennessee Code Title 39, Chapter 13, Part 1, and reads that a person commits assault when they:

The first two offenses above–causing bodily injury or causing fear of bodily injury–are Class A misdemeanors. The third offense–engaging in physical conduct that is offensive or provocative–is a Class B misdemeanor.

Assault will be considered a Class C felony–a much more serious charge than a misdemeanor charge–if the assault results in serious bodily injury or is committed with a deadly weapon.

Penalties for Assault Offense

Class A and Class B misdemeanors carry different penalties in the state. Class A misdemeanors are more serious, and a Class A misdemeanor assault is punishable by jail time or a fine of up to $2,500, or both. A Class B misdemeanor assault is punishable by a smaller fine and incarceration period, although if committed against a law enforcement officer, the maximum fine may increase to $5,000.

If the assault is classified as a Class C felony, the minimum penalty is three years in prison, and the maximum incarceration period is 15 years. A fine may also be assessed in an amount up to $10,000.

Defending You Against Assault Charges

It is clear that the possible consequences of an assault conviction should not be taken lightly, which is why if you are facing assault charges you should begin to build your defense immediately. While the most common defense is self defense, this may not be the only defense available to you. A skilled attorney will investigate the charges against you and help you to pursue the best defense for your case.

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