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Drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions in Tennessee and throughout the country. If you are charged with any type of drug crime in Lawrenceburg or Williamson County, the potential penalties you face are severe. At the Long Firm, LLC, our criminal defense attorneys provide the experienced, skilled legal representation you need in these situations. With several decades worth of combined experience in handling these and other types of challenging criminal cases, you can trust us to act as a strong legal advocate on your behalf, helping to ensure your rights are protected.

How Drugs Are Categorized in Tennessee

Under the Tennessee Criminal Code, charges for drug crimes vary depending on both the type of offense and by the specific drug involved. Drugs are divided into different categories, which include:

While sentences for drug crimes involving Schedule IV through VI drugs tend to be less severe than more dangerous and addictive substances, you could still be facing heavy fines and a potential jail sentence depending on the type of drug offenses you are charged with.

Tennessee Drug Offenses

At the Long Firm, LLC we provide an aggressive legal defense for clients facing a variety of drug crimes, from minor misdemeanors to felony offenses that could result in both state and federal charges. Cases we represent include:

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