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No matter which state you live in in the country, driving while intoxicated is against the law. In Tennessee, a person can be charged with a driving under the influence (DUI) offense if they are operating a motor vehicle and have a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 percent or over. If you have recently been arrested and charged with a DUI, understanding the laws surrounding your options and rights, as well as consequences that you may face if convicted, is important. Please contact our Lawrenceburg DUI attorney for immediate legal counsel that you can trust.

Penalties for a DUI Offense

If you are convicted of a DUI offense in Lawrenceburg, you will face serious consequences. At a very minimum, you will face 48 hours in jail (or seven days if your BAC was .20 percent or above). However, this is the minimum; you may face multiple months in jail if you are convicted of a DUI, even if it is a first time offense.

In addition to jail time, you may also face:

For second or subsequent DUI offenses, the penalties are even more serious. Further, if you cause anyone harm while committing a DUI offense, you may face civil and criminal consequences.

How a DUI Attorney Helps You

A DUI attorney is responsible for representing you as you navigate the criminal process, and advocating for your Constitutional rights along the way, including your right to be found innocent until proven guilty. A DUI attorney will:

Of course, if your case goes to trial, your attorney will also represent you during all steps of the process.

Why You Should Work with a Legal Professional

You are under no obligation to hire an attorney, although having legal representation is your right. Requirement or not, however, working with an attorney is always within your best interests. An attorney is almost always able to secure a better outcome for a criminal DUI case than the defendant would have been able to secure on their own. Whether having charges against you dropped, having evidence against you withheld from court, having charges against you reduced, or advising you in entering a plea bargain, your attorney’s primary job is to look out for your interests.

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