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When a divorce is finalized, both parties are obligated to comply with the terms of the divorce, including any judgements regarding division of property, alimony/spousal support, and child custody and child support. However, while a divorce settlement is something that both parties are legally required to comply with, some parts of a divorce judgement can be modified at a later date if circumstances warrant a change. To help you understand divorce modifications in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, our experienced Williamson County family law lawyers are here.

What Parts of a Divorce Judgement Can Be Modified?

With the exception of a property division judgement, nearly all other elements of a divorce judgement can be modified at a later date, including a child custody decision, child support judgement, and alimony judgement. Property division judgements cannot be modified.

When Is Modification Possible?

While either party has the right to request modification of a support or custody order –and parties can agree to the modification together– a court will not issue a modification order unless a significant change of circumstances has occurred. For example, the Tennessee Department of Human Services explains that a modification of a child support order may be appropriate when:

The Process of Seeking Divorce Modification in Williamson County

In order to modify a divorce order, our lawyers recommend speaking with your ex-spouse first. In some cases, your ex-spouse may agree to the modification upfront, making modifying your divorce judgement a much easier process. If your ex-spouse is in disagreement about the modification, a hearing will be necessary, and a judge will ultimately make a decision regarding whether or not to grant the modification.

The process begins by filing a petition for modification. Evidence of a significant life change/change in circumstance must be provided. You will also need to pay any applicable filing fees.

How Our Lawrenceburg Divorce Modification Lawyers Can Help

Our lawyers understand that over the years, circumstances change, and it may be difficult for you to continue making alimony or spousal support payments, or you may want to change a custody arrangement. In some cases, you may be a parent or individual who wants to fight back against your ex-spouse’s petition to modify a divorce judgement. Whatever your situation, if you find yourself involved in a divorce modification case, our lawyers can lend you the legal support and guidance you need. We are highly skilled in family law cases, and have years of experience behind us.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your divorce modification case today, please call our Williamson County lawyers directly. For your convenience, you can also send us a message using the intake form on our website.