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Estate planning is not something people like to think about. It involves making decisions for when things go wrong, if you were to become sick, incapacitated, or die. While the unpleasantness of these subjects may be present, it is critical to confront estate planning as soon as possible. At The Long Firm LLC., we provide comprehensive estate planning tools and advice that can help secure a future for your family despite some of the bigger difficulties that life might throw your way.

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While wills are a major focus of the estate planning process, there are other important legal documents to consider, including:

These are all legal instruments that function to protect you and your family’s interests in times of need. A will distributes your assets after you pass in the way you want. A guardianship will ensure your kids are always in the care of someone you trust even if something should happen to you. Powers of attorney and health care proxies empowers people who have your confidence to make important decisions regarding health care and life or death matters. Putting these documents in place will provide you with a level of security like you may have never felt before.

Additionally, our attorneys are here to guide you through the probate administration process should you be appointed as the personal representative or executor of an estate.

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Estate planning is literally as important as a matter of life or death. Don’t wait a minute longer to have a comprehensive estate planning discussion with the qualified attorneys at The Long Firm LLC. In discussing and planning for some of life’s most difficult times, you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders. Contact us online or call us at (931) 762-8800