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During the breakup of a marriage, there are numerous issues to deal with that have the potential to impact your current and future financial security. At the Long Firm, LLC, our experienced divorce attorneys know that while alimony is something often overlooked in negotiations, it can have a major impact on your ability to recover from your divorce. Our team provides the personalized, professional legal representation you need in these situations, to help ensure you get what you are entitled to in your divorce settlement.

Your Rights to Alimony in Tennessee Divorce

The Tennessee Bar Association Alimony Benchbook advises that spousal support may be awarded to either partner as a part of divorce proceedings. These amounts may be agreed on as part of your overall settlement or in mediation sessions with a third party ordered through the court. If an amount cannot be agreed upon, the judge in your case may make a ruling on it in court. Factors that are likely to influence this decision include:

Divorces in Tennessee may be granted on fault grounds, such as adultery, habitual drunkenness, and desertion, or on a ‘no fault’ basis, with irreconcilable differences listed as the cause of the breakup. If your spouse filed for divorce based on fault grounds, it could hinder your efforts in seeking alimony. In either situation, our Tennessee divorce attorneys are here to help defend your interests, so you can get the maximum amount you are entitled to in your settlement.

Types of Alimony in Tennessee

Under the Tennessee State Code (T.C.A. § 36-5-121), there are four types of alimony you may be entitled to in your divorce:

  1. Alimony in solido, or lump sum alimony, which may be paid in one payment or spread out over installments;
  2. Alimony in futuro, which involves long term alimony payments, made over the life of the spouse or until the receiving spouse remarries;
  3. Rehabilitative alimony, which is awarded on a temporary basis, while the spouse obtains career or educational training which allows them to support themselves;
  4. Transitional alimony, which can help you make the difficult transition from living on two incomes to living on one.

At The Long Firm, LLC, our divorce attorneys will work closely with you, carefully reviewing your situation to help determine the type of alimony that is right for you.

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