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Separating from your spouse is one of the most challenging things to do, and not just because it means moving on one’s own. Divorce or separation can also mean dividing up a family, which is emotional and painful for parents and children alike.

At the law offices of The Long Firm, our Tennessee divorce attorneys serving Lawrenceburg and Williamson County are often asked how a court makes a determination about child custody in the state. If you have questions about how to seek custody of your child and factors the court considers, please call our law offices today.

Types of Child Custody Arrangements in Tennessee

It is almost always within a child’s best interest to maintain a relationship with both parents once a divorce is finalized, and as such, Tennessee courts allow for a number of different types of custody arrangements. The two types of custody in Tennessee are: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers with whom the child lives and which parent is responsible for the physical care and wellbeing of the child; legal custody refers to which parent has the legal right to make decisions about the child’s life.

Custody may be sole–with one parent having both legal and physical custody–or joint, where parents share time with the child or/and work together to make decisions about a child’s life.

How Custody Is Decided in Tennessee

Parents are strongly encouraged to work with one another to create a parenting plan that outlines how custody will be shared. When parents work together to form a parenting plan, they do not need to litigate the case, which saves time, money, and stress. Working together to create a parenting plan also tends to preserve the relationship between the parents, which is beneficial for the child.

If mediations and out-of-court discussions fail, parents will need to go to court to resolve the issue of child custody. When this is the case, the court is tasked with making a decision that is within the child’s best interests. In order to determine the best interests, the court will consider factors such as:

These factors are found in Tennessee Code Section 36-6-106.

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